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Dr. John Flucke explains the science of curing, offers tips for better cures and describes the benefits of the Demi Ultra Curing Light System.

Optimal composite restorations require consistent, predictable curing. In this DPR Video Webinar, you will learn simple tips to improve your composite restorations through proper curing technique and optimal workflow.


It's a process made even easier with the Demi Ultra U-40 Ultracapacitor Curing Light System from Kerr, the first and only curing light powered by state-of-the-art ultracapacitor technology.


Learn how this revolutionary system: 

  • Goes from no charge to full charge in 40 seconds.
  • Delivers uniform depth of cure with industry-leading low temperatures. 
  • Provides for simple, intuitive operation in a durable yet lightweight design.


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